Travel Insurance for Upcoming Trips Abroad

Posted by Phil Dougherty
April 19, 2024

I’m back from my service trip to rural Mexico with Rotary! It was a productive trip and thankfully uneventful from a medical emergency and evacuation perspective. But if something had come up, my GeoBlue Trekker insurance policy would’ve covered it. And that’s why we buy insurance, isn’t it … for the peace of mind it provides. Tip: I had downloaded GeoBlue’s smartphone app beforehand which gave me easy access to my policy details and helpful tools and resources while traveling for added security.

This summer is predicted to be one of the busiest travel seasons ever. While you make your international travel arrangements, don’t forget to include travel medical insurance in your planning.

AlertOriginal Medicare (Part A + Part B) does not provide coverage abroad and Medicare Supplements offer a small benefit which we believe to be insufficient.

These days more than ever “peace of mind” while traveling is invaluable. Let us help you arrange it with travel insurance. For more information and a quote, email my daughter Patty at


Volcano in Mexico

Volcán de Colima, April 2024