Individuals & Families

Our staff at OnlyHealthInsurance is fully informed about health care reform. As insurance brokers we’ve gone through extensive training in preparation for the health care reform launch. Couple this with 30 years of working in the individual and family health insurance market in California, and we have become a leading expert and producer in this market.

We Got You Covered.

Based on our experience working in both public (state-run insurance) and private (“off-exchange”) marketplaces, we came to the conclusion that the best way we can help consumers is to work in the private market exchange. Despite not offering financial assistance, the private exchange offers more carrier choices, plan options, and a simpler enrollment process. For those who don’t qualify for financial assistance, or who prefer not to enroll through CoveredCA, the private market is the marketplace to enroll through. 


If you are considering individual or family health insurance, have decided to enroll in a private exchange plan, or are not sure what type of plan you’re eligible for, we hope you will contact us for assistance. After understanding your personal circumstances and health insurance needs, we can make an assessment and recommendation for the most appropriate solution. If it is determined that applying through CoveredCA is your best option, we can provide you with a referral to a knowledgeable broker who works in the public exchange market.


“Wow! Talk about fast and easy! Made an appointment with Phil through his website; he called me at the exact time of our appointment, was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. He explained the coverage to me and from start to the finish of receiving an email with my policy info…. 20 minutes!!! I may just travel abroad more often now! Thanks Phil!

“I’d like to give Phil more than 5 stars for his incredible customer service and knowledge.  Because he was on the ball and watching out for me (unasked), he saved me from going into a health plan that was not right for me.  He called me out of the blue to confirm that the changes I made to my healthcare plan were what I wanted.  I had misunderstood the differences (no thanks to Blue Shield rep) and Phil saved the day.  Thank goodness he is my broker.  He should be yours too.

I was searching for weeks for affordable health care and Phil Dougherty and his team got me covered right away!  My family was considered high risk and he took care of us from beginning to end.  He was always available by phone to talk and did all the paperwork for us.  He was a godsend during the many changes happening in healthcare!  I highly recommend Phil for helping you find the best health care for you and your family. “