Travel Insurance provides peace of mind.

Posted by Phil Dougherty
May 31, 2016

Many travelers are under the wrong impression their domestic health insurance plan or the US government will provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency while traveling abroad. With international travel at an all-time high, more travelers are realizing the benefit of knowing they are covered by travel medical insurance should they become ill or injured while traveling out of the country.

Take some of the stress out of traveling by following these recommendations.

Before you leave:

  • Review your domestic health insurance plan to know what it does or does not cover while traveling abroad.
  • Purchase travel insurance and become familiar with your plan’s benefits and limitations. If coverage for a pre-existing condition is important, be sure it’s included in the policy you purchase.
  • If you’re planning high-risk activities (such as surfing, skiing, or climbing), be sure and add the appropriate riders.

While traveling abroad:

  • Bring along a record of your medical health history, including your primary doctors’ names and phone numbers, health conditions, as well as your prescription names and dosages.
  • Keep a copy of your travel insurance identification card with you, which will include the insurance company’s 24-hour hotline phone number.
  • Keep all receipts should you need to file a claim when you return.

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Phil Dougherty