Open Enrollment Approaches

Posted by Phil Dougherty
September 30, 2016

Starting November 1, open enrollment in the individual and family health insurance marketplace begins and will continue through January 31, 2017. This will be the fourth year of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and many consumers are now familiar with the language and rules of reform, the types of benefit plans offered, and the deadlines that loom. But, a year is a long time (perhaps not long enough) to be away from the excitement of another health insurance enrollment anniversary.

For a quick reminder of how-California’s health insurance system works and to summarize the important elements of compliant healthcare plans, we created a video to make this open enrollment easy and stress-free so you can move on to less (or more) exciting year-end activities. I hope you find it informative and entertaining. Feel free to pass it on!  Open Enrollment Video 

During open enrollment, we look forward to answering your questions, providing quotes and assisting with your enrollment.

Phil Dougherty

Open Enrollment Video