Health Care Reform has arrived. So has help.

Posted by Phil Dougherty
July 19, 2013

Exactly twenty years ago health care reform was a lead story in the news just like it is today. I had just moved the family insurance agency to a Corte Madera office and was feeling quite proud of the career I had chosen. Upon opening the morning paper one day and reading about “Hillary Care” I thought perhaps I had made a big mistake; was this the beginning of the end of private health insurance? And my career?! (I do owe the Clinton’s for encouraging me to diversify – more on that later). But reform never materialized.

Fast forward twenty years and we are at the doorstep to a new health insurance marketplace. In California it’s called Covered California, and while some states leave courtrooms defeated in their attempts to avoid it and now scramble to obey the law, California jumped on it early and appears to be on schedule for the October 1 launch. Will it work? Are “death panels” real? Should Big Gulps be outlawed? Can I escape to Canada (wait, that won’t work). All interesting questions, but they won’t be the focus of this blog.

I believe the success we’ve enjoyed as an agency has come from “telling it like it is” and helping people understand the system we have, how to best maneuver through it and provide solutions that best fit personal goals. We plan to continue that approach and philosophy with the changes that come. No politics, no rants, no proclamations, or condemnations here. I’ll share with you pertinent news that will keep you informed so you can make good decisions.

I hope you will follow along.

Phil Dougherty