Introducing QuestAssured

Posted by radadmin
August 30, 2023

Introducing QuestAssured, a travel blog from OnlyHealthInsurance inspired by my daughter Patty’s love of travel and our family’s passion for insurance! Our goal with QuestAssured is to encourage our clients to travel with a spirit of adventure and a sense of security.

Whether serving an indigenous people in Mexico’s Copper Canyon (picture below), exploring our roots in Dublin, or hiking the ancient Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, we have experience with travel and travel insurance. We are excited to deliver to our subscribers posts packed with tips and insight for traveling with peace of mind. Our articles will cover the ins and outs of travel insurance, health and safety tips, travel hacks, destination discoveries, sustainable travel, cultural awareness, and more!

We look forward to sharing our professional insight and personal experience to empower your overseas adventures.

Safe Travels!  Phil Dougherty & Patricia Dougherty

Phil & Patty on a Rotary service trip to Copper Canyon in 2006

Patty representing a third generation joining OnlyHealthInsurance in 2021