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Individuals & Families

Important Special Enrollment Period Update

The Open Enrollment period to enroll in ACA compliant health insurance in CA is over; that ended January 31. Special Enrollment is a provision in the ACA law that protects those that have a disruption (called a Qualifying Event) in their existing health insurance...

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2020 California Health Insurance Marketplace

OnlyHealthInsurance will once again be assisting our clients and their referrals with health insurance from the private market (also referred to as off-exchange). In 2020, there are two important changes to the California health insurance marketplace; one that applies...

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Travel Insurance for the Frequent Traveler

  Medicare and most domestic medical insurance policies offer little or no coverage when traveling abroad, so travel insurance fills a significant gap. With the frequency of travel increasing for all demographics, the market has responded in kind. Annual policies...

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Special Enrollment Period Reminder Update

With the 2017 Open Enrollment Period ending January 31st, the opportunity to enroll in ACA compliant Individual or Family health insurance is now limited to those with a qualifying life event. If you experience a qualifying life event, you can take advantage of a...

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Health Insurance Open Enrollment Continues

We are in the third and final month of open enrollment. This is the time when one can enroll in individual or family health insurance or change health plans for the next calendar year. With the new year already in progress, the next available effective date is...

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2018 HSA Guidelines & More

The Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the 2018 guidelines on the maximum contribution levels for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), the minimum deductible amounts and the out-of-pocket maximum amounts. The 2108 requirements are: HSA...

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“feet dragging” and “nightmarish”

These are words used repeatedly to describe the lack of response and guidance on proclamations made by President Trump over the last many months about changes to the Affordable Care Act. And time is running out for this year. We do know that in California, Open...

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ACA & State Reform Update

ACA UPDATE 6/28/2017 The Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the ACA replacement bill put forth by Senate Republican leadership, is short the necessary votes to pass this month (June), so they will attempt to schedule a vote following the July 4th recess provided...

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Everything on the Table

In my reading of daily news from various sources, it is clear we are no closer to a solution on healthcare than we were three months ago. Here are just a handful of recent headlines: Senate Republicans continue work on ACA replacement Time may be running out on Senate...

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